The Maddog and Dave Season One Finale, Part 4 of 4

Merry Christmas Everybody from Maddog and Dave Cast and Staff! Here’s this years Episode 11, the season finale starring Andy Benz and more Christmas shinanigans from the boys. See you in 2011 for the premier of Season Two!! Thanks so much for subscribing, listening, watching and giving great feedback! Much love from Maddog, Dave, Sami, JD, Chaka Whaka Boogie Jackson, Blue Eyed Louis Armstrong Jackson, Colin Farrell, Russell Brand, Bucky Florentine, Jesper Vildmand, Jens The Limo Driver, Niels Onslow The IT Expert, Nils Laursen our Production Manager, Christiania TV, Christiania Radio, The Waffle House, Joe, Mrs. Maddog, Alfred and Woody Maddox, Captian Jiri our Eye In The Sky, Insane Kiosk and so many more!!! Happy Holidays!

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